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Posted on: March 2, 2011 1:14 pm

Just Pitiful

Is there an any more disturbing trend in the NBA than big men who just simply cannot rebound? Either this generation has the worst "big men" rebounders ever, or they are just the laziest. Take your pick of explanations, both of them aren't very encouraging. When Amare Stoudemire can play 35+ minutes last night against the Magic and only grab 2 rebounds, something is wrong. When Andrea Bargnani plays 33 minutes and grabs 3 rebounds, it causes the same disgusted reaction. Here's a few examples of players who should be averaging alot more rebounds than they are:
Dirk Nowitzki-6.6
Andrea Bargnani-5.5
Brook Lopez-5.9
Rashard Lewis-5.2
Hedo Turkoglu-4.4
Channing Frye 6.5
Andrei Kirilenko 5.5
All of these players are above 6'9, play 30+ minutes a game and are focal points in their team's system. They get plenty of time on the court and there is absolutely no excuse for the poor rebounding that is displayed. It's just pitiful that guards like Dwayne Wade(6.9 rpg) and Landry Fields(7.1 rpg) are better at this facet of the game that is supposed to be crucial to "big men." We've seen some record rebounding games put up this year and I applaud the guys like Kevin Love, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, and Zach Randolf for their dedication to the craft and willingness to go all out after the ball. It's just time for these other star players to step up and start fighting for the ball like true big men should.

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